Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Reading Thing 2011- My List

I read about this for the first time a few months back when "Fall into Reading" (the same thing but in the fall) was just about over. I really wanted to take part in it this time around. It looked like fun and the level of commitment is totally up to me, which is fantastic.
The Spring Reading Things goes from March 20th to June 20th.
I was going to try to choose 12 books (1 for each week) but I'm stuck on eleven right now.
One a week might be a tad ambitious at the time what with getting back to homeschooling this week and working around a newborn...we'll see. I usually manage to find snippets of time for reading somehow :)

Here is my list:


Hind's Feet on High Places ~ Hannah Hurnard
While We're Far Apart ~ Lynn Austin
Thorn in My Heart ~ Liz Curtis Higgs
Fair is the Rose ~ Liz Curtis Higgs
Whence Came a Prince ~ Liz Curtis Higgs
Grace in Thine Eyes ~ Liz Curtis Higgs


Soldiers with Little Feet ~ Dian Layton
Passion and Purity ~ Elisabeth Elliot
Know Why You Believe ~ Paul E. Little
Knowing God Intimately ~ Joyce Meyer
Revolutionary Parenting ~ George Barna

If you are interested in joining me here is the link (I hope)

Spring Reading Thing 2011
So click on over to Callapidder Days, choose some lovely reads and curl up with one them today!

Time to get reading!

Birth Story: Blythe Melody

On Thursday February 17th I was sitting in front of our tv playing Super Mario Bros.
At one week overdue and facing the possibility of induction the following morning I was willing to do whatever it took to get things moving!
The past few nights sitting and playing this game on our Wii seemed to actually bring on contractions so I decided I'd try it again. Anything to keep from being induced, I thought! As before contractions were about 20 minutes apart. Also as before..they stopped. Discouraged, I decided to try to get some sleep since I needed to be at the hospital to meet the OB at 7:30.
At 1:25 I had another contraction and then went to sleep. At 2:00 I was awakened with a very strong contraction so I decided to get up and move around. I was pretty sure that this was 'it'.
By 3 the contractions were about 7 minutes apart so I called our midwife. We left for the hospital shortly after.
By 4 I had been assessed (2cm)and was getting in the shower.

Things seemed to progress well in the shower. I paced back and forth to try moving things along. Jed timed contractions and they were down to 2-3 minutes apart.
After awhile thought I became very tired after having only 20 minutes of sleep so I decided to get out.
After this my contractions slowed to 10 minutes apart and my midwife joked about sending me home ( I didn't find this funny).
At some point we were approached by one of the nurses to see if we would be willing to have a student nurse come in and observe. I think it was just before 7 because a shift change was coming up. We discussed this and decided it was fine. Our midwife said it was ok but she wanted the student to participate and not just watch. The student was very agreeable to this and was able to do a lot while there.

I was now 4-5 cm but the baby was still high so my MW didn't want to break my water. Contractions were still slow and it looked like it would be a long day.
Our midwife suggested....get this...nipple stimulation! This was where I laughed and asked "and how am I supposed to do that???" The mental pictures were quite amusing.
Then the electric breast pump was wheeled in. My MW said we would hook me up for 10 minutes and see what happens. When I was hooked up I really started to laugh. I was cracking jokes when all of a sudden I was hit with a mega contraction! Yikes! The student nurse was in charge of timing contractions. The first one hit at 7:29 (am) and then every 2 minutes after. They were very intense and I was no longer laughing. Our MW was explaining to the student nurse that she hooked me up on the pump to try to naturally break my water and get contractions moving. Just as she said this (after about the third contraction) my water indeed broke. Shortly after I was taken off the pump (boy was I thankful). Contractions continued to increase in intensity and duration and it seemed all I could do to remain focused and not freak out.
I felt the urge to push around 8-9cm so I had to breathe through a few more contractions. I was 10cm at 8:10 and Blythe was born 8:12.

Immediately my little girl was placed on my chest. I always find this to be such an amazing moment. It can be overwhelming, exhilarating and very emotional. This little person that you have nurtured and grown and felt move inside for so long is finally born and you get to meet them and look in their little face. To finally be able to touch them and hold them is the exact moment that you wait for from the very beginning of your pregnancy.
I was surprised by how big she looked. How this little person had moments before been inside my belly always amazes me. They must really be tight on space!
As we cuddled her our MW clamped the cord and was busy doing other things. We had discussed before that I might like to cut the cord. At that moment though, I thought maybe the student nurse would like the opportunity. She had never done that before and this was the second birth she had been able to attend. She seemed thrilled at the prospect so she got to cut her first cord.
On a side note: I had been praying before Blythe was born for the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else during this time. I wonder now if allowing this student to not only observe but actually participate in this event was that blessing?
Perhaps. This is our midwife and our student nurse.

Anyway, we were allowed to just cuddle Blythe for quite a while. When they did weigh her and check all her vitals we discovered she weighed 8lbs 13oz and was 21 inches long. Blythe is our heaviest newborn outweighing both Addie and Winter by 2oz. Dane still had her beat in length, though.

We left the hospital shortly after 2, stopped for a coffee and headed home :)

All of her siblings and my mom (who had been staying with us for 2 weeks)were very excited to finally meet her.

I've had a few people ask me about her name but I plan to get into that in another blog.