Saturday, July 2, 2011


The other day I was discussing with my husband how I sometimes feel liked I've missed out on things (or others may perceive that I've missed out) by not going to college or university. I did go to Bible school but not so much for educational purposes as for personal and spiritual growth.
I suppose it was a 'woe is me' moment that my wonderful hubby was quick to discern and dispel.
Also, I still fight with caring too much of what others think.
Jed was fabulous for pointing out that I should be happy to be a 'life learner'.
Also the Bible is the only book that you can read over and over again and constantly be learning new things from. It convicts and instructs, encourages and challenges and draws us closer to our Creator and His purposes for us.
As Aslan says (Chronicles of Narnia) also another favourite of Jed's to quote...we are not to ask "what if". That's not the path we have chosen so it's not for us to know(this is not the direct quote but my paraphrase).
This is the path I have chosen and most days I love where I am.
It's just like God to throw in some humorous encouragement and proof that I am doing well in this path. I do not take credit for teaching my children everything that they know...believe me, they absolutely ASTOUND me often!
Here's one such story.
We did much studying on grammar this year with both Dane and Adelaide working with .First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind
While Winter did not do very much'school' this year as in book work, she was around often enough to pick up quite a bit of information.
We also borrow videos like School House Rock and DVD's from the library. The children were watching one just the other day.

Yesterday my parents came for a visit. My dad and Dane were playing Cribbage together (I've been teaching Dane and's great for math ;D) and the rest of us were here and there. Winter brought an alphabet puzzle to the table and was playing with it. Elsa and my dad joined her at some point and they were naming the letters and making sounds. (my dad multi-tasks) At one point Winter tapped Jed and said "Look! I spelled adjectives!" Of course it's not spelled correctly but I was flabbergasted just the same. I've often said that Winter has been learning by osmosis and this is just more proof. I love it!

Perhaps if I had gone and gotten that higher education we may not have as much debt, but we may have more.
Our children wouldn't have to wear hand-me-down clothes and ride hand-me-down bikes and live in a tiny house.
But I may have felt an obligation to have a 'good' high paying job so we could both make lots of money and live comfortably instead of us making the choice for me to stay home with the kids.
I'm not bashing education, having a second income, or women working out of the home, truly I'm not. I guess that's the "what if" that doesn't need to be known.
I love learning with our kids, seeing the 'aha' moments and teaching them that adjectives are the words that describe nouns.
I'm also pro higher education. I just don't think that I should feel like lesser of a person or unqualified to educate my children because I don't have a degree.
I am a domestic engineer! Even more that that though, I am striving for a higher goal and a higher calling. Check out Proverbs 31.
If you need to learn about adjectives...try some School House Rock.
If you need to learn about everything else...try the Bible :D

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  1. There are great benefits to living in a "tiny house" Most often we see people living in these huge houses, so spread out there are too many rooms for all the people...they often are never in the same room at once unless its to eat dinner and most dont even eat together anymore. Your children will end of being closer, because they will know each other well. It may not seem like it now, but you and they will have many fond memories of growing up in that house.