Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Thankfulness List

I have been reading other peoples thankfulness lists for the past few years on facebook or their blogs. I always read them, enjoy them, and think that it would be a good idea to make my own list. Well, I have finally set aside time and intent.
Here goes. (insert cracking of knuckles here)

I am thankful for:

-Having my husband home for the past (almost) 8 months.
-Our five beautiful children - we love our handful!
-My Epicure frother (Chai Latte anyone?).
-Friends that you can chat with that no matter the distance and you feel like you saw them yesterday.
-Other people that blog about thankfulness and inspire me to do the same.
-Our church family (old and new).
-For the people that look at me and my five kids and even if they think I'm nuts they keep those comments to themselves.
-For those that don't I am thankful to God for giving me the grace to smile at them anyway (most of the time).
-Spending most of everyday with my family.
-Costco's pouches of instant mashed potatoes (they actually taste good and save LOTS of time).
-The discovery of price matching.
-That after 4 years of trying we finally had a lovely crop of home grown tomatoes.....and as a result...
-Homemade salsa
-Friendly neighbours that enjoy the sound of noisy children in the yard.
-That perseverance pays off and I can now make some pretty good pastry and therefore pies! (I love pie).
-Large bedrooms in a small house.
-Friends that drop in to visit that will look past the noise, mess and busyness of a large homeschooling family and enjoy a great chat, a cup of tea and little ones that will climb on thier lap.
-People in my life that encourage, challenge and inspire me.
-Finding blessings in everyday.

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  1. Sjana...Do you know about the Scanning Code of Ethics? Google it! Sometimes it means free stuff!