Monday, November 7, 2011

One of THOSE Days

Yesterday it was chocolate pudding on white couch cushions. I have pictures.
I was told not to buy a white couch. I regret not listening.

Today it's poop. All over the bathroom. (no pictures!)
I wish it was chocolate pudding!
I should know by now, that when your two and a half year old is quiet it's not usually a very good sign.
First clue was when I heard water running from the bathroom which I decided to check out.
I then found my little darling in our bathroom sink (it's one of those big laundry type ones because our main floor bathroom doubles as a laundry room).
Panty and pull-up were discarded on the floor - inside out I might add (more mess).
The child in question was in the sink with a cup!
I quickly got that away from her and began the clean up process. I'm very thankful for the sprayer that is attached to the sink, by the way.
Just as I was pulling her out and drying her off hubby makes his afternoon call. Of course he's getting the super frustrated, overly dramatic version of 'This Just In' news.
Then I decided to step out of the bathroom and check on the 8 month old, only to find her at the cats litter box. Of course I screamed and started shouting "NO, NO, NO!!!"
When I discovered she had a treasure in her hand. Again, poop!
This is when I washed her off with lots of soap and the hottest water I think she can handle all the while cradling the phone between my ear and shoulder. Yep, hubby is still on the other end and getting an even louder earful.
I told him I needed to get off the phone and I proceeded to do what any other average stay-at-home mom that is trying to raise her children well, in a loving and stable environment would do. I shut myself in the bathroom (WITH the 8 month old) and cried.
Not all days are like today, but I`ve had several such days.
I`ve even gone so far as to vehemently say ``Ì QUIT!!`` and march out the front door and sit on our front steps...again in tears.
Of course, that only lasted a few minutes and I went back inside, but it felt real good in the moment.
I`m trying a different tact today.

Today we have a vehicle so I have decided that it is time for some serious retail therapy!!!